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Charged with facing personal injury, criminal offence, family issue? – you are at the right place. We offer sound legal advice, guide your case. Exercise your rights, with our attorneys can help you get justice.

The Earle Law Firm, LLC. Promises to deliver client’s need and advocate their interest we treat every case to be unique and try are best to address each case individually non can guarantee a result but our attorneys can promise for a better result.

Consultations is free of charge. Know your rights and act quickly to protect them failure to act in timely manner may result in loss of your justice. Call our office today @ (205) 458-0041 to consult one of our personal injury, criminal defense attorney Birmingham AL and family law attorney.

Should you be filing a personal injury lawsuit after an injury or accident? What can you expect from it? These are some common but considerably important questions that you must know about. Many people neglect accidents, injuries, and don’t feel the necessity for a personal injury lawsuit, or any legal consultancy in Birmingham, LA. Serious injuries such as broken bones, severed limbs, brain damage that result in intense pain and suffering receive the highest injury compensation.

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personal injury, Criminal Defense and family law – all these situations are handled professionally by The Earle Law Firm, LLC. Since 2006, founding partner Edmond Dewayne Earle, Esq. is constantly working to respectfully represent clients seeking well-grounded legal advice. Every case is treated specifically to the client’s needs and individuality. They are compassionate about exercising constitutional rights while offering legal expertise.

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The Earle Law Firm focuses on divorce issues. We know it well. We know the Alabama Family Courts, the rules of civil procedure, and the rules of evidence. We know the system. And, we care about your future. After successfully getting a divorce, another question that comes to the mind is about child custody (if you have one). Child custody and visitation matters are pretty emotive, and challenging.

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A criminal defense attorney who is specializing in defense of individuals can known as a Criminal defense attorney who is experienced to select from the special portions of each case that can make unique..

The defenses may support partial or total escape from punishment. criminal defense Attorney is more necessary now a days . Generally we can say, a criminal act can be justifiable if it is necessary to prohibit a measurable and biggest harm than the harm created by the act.

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